Fiber helps prevent stroke effectively.

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      A healthy diet is very important in preventing stroke. So, how should people who have had a stroke or are at risk of stroke supplement food? In this article, we would like to introduce you to the most detailed information to have a high-fiber diet.

* Why is fiber effective in preventing stroke?

Certainly, fiber must have the effect of preventing stroke before it is recommended. There are many scientific studies that have proven that fiber has the effect of reducing fat, stabilizing blood pressure as well as lowering blood sugar in the body.

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From 1990 to 2012, there were 8 studies and all 8 of these studies showed that the cause of stroke is the appearance of blood clots causing ischemia, blood in the brain leaks and causes overflow. in the brain.

Through these findings, a recommendation is made that housewives should increase the fiber content of their meals. People who are likely to have a stroke should eat more fiber, people with bad habits in life such as smoking, drinking a lot of stimulants should limit to the maximum or not use substances. this again.

* Some foods prevent stroke effectively.

*Fruits and vegetables

One advice given is that a person should consume more than 8 servings of fruit a day, the risk of stroke will be significantly reduced. People who eat too few fruits and vegetables have a much higher rate of disease than those who eat regularly and enough fiber.

Some vegetables should be eaten a lot such as: radish, spinach, cauliflower, kale, broccoli … eat a lot of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits…

* Soluble fiber.

Foods rich in soluble fiber should be added in daily meals such as barley, oats, beans … they have the effect of reducing cholesterol significantly and can completely prevent stroke. Some fruits such as plums, pears, bananas, apples…

* Insoluble fiber.

Foods that contain completely insoluble fiber can indirectly prevent stroke.

Some foods contain insoluble fiber such as: whole grains. You should limit the use of sweet foods, they have a high content and are not good for the body.

* Fish .

Fish is very high in omega 3, so it is very healthy as well as very beneficial for health. They help reduce cholesterol in the blood extremely well. Therefore, it is advisable to actively add fish in daily meals instead of high-fat foods that are not good for health at all. Flaxseed and canola oil also contain small amounts of omega 3.

Fiber is extremely effective in preventing stroke, so it is advisable to increase fiber in daily meals directly or indirectly. Be a smart housewife to protect the health of your whole family.

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