Exercises to strengthen the spine.

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     The 6 exercises below, in addition to helping to keep the spine healthy, also have the added benefit of making the abdominal and back muscles firm.

* Action 1:

Sit up straight, hands on the floor, pressing a ball between your legs (A). Raise your knees so that your shins are parallel to the floor, raising your hands in front of your chest. Then bring the knee back to the starting position (B). Repeat 15-20 times.

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* Action 2:

Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, feet forming a V, toes pointed forward. Slightly curved spine (A). Turn slightly at arm’s length, back slightly tilted back (B). Do 20 reps with each arm.

* Action 3:

Start with left knee and left hand on the floor, right arm straight up. Extend your right leg so your body forms a straight line (A). Keep your body straight (B). Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

* Action 4:

Two hands, two feet on the floor like when pushing up, squeezing the abdominal muscles. (A) Pull right knee up and circle clockwise, then counterclockwise again (B). Keep the rest of the body straight.

* Action 5:

Hands on the floor, feet on a towel (A). Keeping your legs straight, slowly raise your hips and pull your legs toward your hands so that your body forms an inverted V. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

* Action 6:

Sit with knees bent, feet flat on the floor (A). Right leg straight, left hand behind head, right hand extended in front of face, turn left slightly, back straight so right finger touches right toe (B). Do 5 times, then switch sides.

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