Exercise helps beautiful skin.

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        If you are a sports lover, then you have clearly seen the positive benefits that exercise brings to you in terms of energy, mood, body shape and cardiovascular and respiratory health…

And through In this article, there is one more thing for you to add to the list of benefits that sports bring: It is to beautify your skin. Come on, start practicing today!

* Blood circulation and elimination of toxins.

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For those who are just starting out, exercise starts a surge of circulation in the body. (This explains why the face turns red during exercise.) These cells deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, helping to repair damaged cells caused by the sun and free radicals in the body. Toxins from our daily living products (in the form of free radicals) are also ejected from the skin cells by blood flow. Lower free radicals in the body result in brighter, healthier skin.

Exercise will also boost the production of fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for collagen production. Collagen increases elasticity and rejuvenates the skin, which means exercise is an effective way to fight age problems.

Exercise has positive benefits in terms of energy, mood, skin, body shape, and cardiovascular and respiratory health.

You can simply go for a brisk walk or jog, which is enough to not only improve your core and strengthen your bones, but also increase your endurance and make you more agile. You may think that sweat looks unsightly and unhygienic after a workout, but it actually helps to dispel all the dirt and excess oil stuck in your pores.

Exercising makes us warm up, pores dilate and sweat escapes, leading to irritants that cause acne and blackheads to be discharged. You should also be aware that if you leave sweat drops on your face after exercising, the dirt and oil will simply get trapped in your pores again. Therefore, you must wash your face after sweating (using a soft dry towel to absorb sweat on your face is handy if you can’t wash your face right away).

Exercise reduces stress and reduces inflammation in the body by reducing cortisol levels. This stress hormone can cause bad skin conditions like acne and eczema, and excess cortisol encourages sebum production, which in turn causes blockages in pores and destruction of collagen. Note that you should also not exercise too much as this can stress the body and will increase cortisol levels in the body, which is certainly not the result we expect.

* Good sleep helps beautiful skin.

You will also find that exercise gives you a better night’s sleep and the better you sleep, the more time your skin has to repair and produce new cells, the less wrinkles your skin will have and especially your eyes. there will be no dark circles. First, to have a good night’s sleep you need to know how to sleep properly. To do this, you need to avoid using caffeine-containing stimulants after lunch and should not drink a lot of alcohol at dinner. Always keep the bedroom temperature cool.

You should also avoid exercising before going to bed, it will make your body always in a state of excitement, making it more difficult to sleep. The light from these screens will prevent your body from having deep sleep.

The body loses a lot of water while sleeping and breathing at night. So drinking a glass of water in the morning not only helps you stay awake, replenish the lost water, but also helps the digestive system work better.

According to the American Academy of Medical Sciences, light is the main component that affects circadian rhythms, acting directly on genes that control the circadian clock. So, opening the window to catch the early morning sun will help you stay awake.

Last but not least, don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you’re exercising outdoors and always drink water when you sweat a lot so you don’t dehydrate your body.

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