Evening habits damage liver and kidney.


         The following habits increase the burden on your liver and kidneys, causing liver failure, kidney stones.

* Holding urine.

The habit of holding urine is a common habit in children, when they have fallen asleep and are not aware of the need to urinate or due to laziness. Holding urine for too long will cause the accumulation of waste products and waste in the kidneys, gradually leading to kidney stones.

In addition, holding urine for too long will cause the amount of water in the bladder to exert pressure on the walls of the kidney tissue, causing high urine pressure and eventually causing kidney failure, which affects your health negatively.

* Drink alcohol.

The habit of many people is to drink alcohol and then go to bed, especially men often suffer from this. However, in fact, when you drink alcohol and go to bed, when the body begins to digest alcohol, it increases the burden on the liver and kidneys, easily causing cirrhosis, the liver is not good for health.

* Go to bed too late.

The habit of going to bed late can cause red, inflamed eyes and increased stress, which can lead to swollen eyes, uneven skin tone, puffiness, dark circles affecting health and beauty. The fact that you often sleep late will increase the stress hormone cortisol, increase inflammation due to acne and early wrinkle formation and negatively affect your health.

* Eat a lot of sugar.

According to nutrition studies, people who consume 2 or more sugary drinks per day have an increased likelihood of protein in the urine. In addition, if this condition persists for a long time, it is a sign that your kidneys are not working properly.

When you consume a lot of sweets, it causes a series of diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes … and these are all the leading causes of kidney failure for you.

* Night bath .

When you go to bed at night, the strong veins will relax, blood pressure will decrease. People with low blood pressure, unstable blood pressure may have cerebral ischemia, leading to unconsciousness, coma, increased possibility of sudden death, which is harmful to life.

* Wear tight clothes when sleeping.

The habit of wearing clothes that are too tight will increase body temperature and decrease serotonin levels, disrupting the sleep cycle, which is not good for health. In addition, when wearing clothes, it will hinder the evaporation of sweat, making it difficult for the skin to breathe, not good for blood circulation, affecting the liver, kidneys, brain.

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