Drinking water the right way to have beautiful skin?

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        Doctor, what role does water have for the skin? How to drink water to have beautiful skin? Thank you very much doctor!


In the structure of the skin, water accounts for 70%, of which about 20-30% of water is concentrated in the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin). The epidermis is composed of water and lipids (fats), also known as the hydrolipid film. This membrane participates in regulating the secretion of sweat and sebum, helps to keep the skin moist by providing water to the skin, making the skin smooth and resistant to the penetration of environmental agents (dust, etc.). dirt, bacteria, fungi, etc.). Water helps skin not dry, prevents wrinkles, reduces acne, keeps beautiful lips, regains shape, prevents diseases…

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Under normal conditions, an average person needs 2 -2.5 liters of water a day. In addition, the actual amount of water a person needs to drink during the day depends on the following factors: intensity of exercise, working environment, climate. When drinking water, pay attention: Never swallow water too quickly, so take small sips so that the water gradually absorbs and flows evenly into each cell of the body. Drinks should be divided into smaller doses. You should drink water even when you are not thirsty and when you are thirsty should only drink slowly. Drinking water too quickly while thirsty can cause bad effects on the heart.

The timing of drinking water is also very important. You should drink water right after waking up in the morning to purify the body with a glass of warm water will have the effect of cleaning the digestive tract, making up for the lack of water through a long night. Should drink water before eating and after eating about 30 minutes, should not drink, just eat will dilute digestive enzymes, indigestion. Do not drink a lot of water before going to bed because you will have to urinate, the excretory system has to work tired, so you will not sleep well if you have to get up to urinate at night. Should drink filtered water, cooled boiled water, unsweetened vegetable juice, boiled vegetable juice… Do not drink carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices that are too sweet, drink ice water.

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