Drinking water is very good for health.

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        Regularly drinking the following water can improve good health that not everyone knows.

* Carrot and apple juice .

As positive foods, with a warming effect on the body with high mineral and vitamin content, carrots and apples help children not to get cold as well as increase immunity.

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* Lemon juice and honey .

The amount of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and saponins in lemons have antibacterial properties, stimulate the liver to produce bile, and help the digestive system release toxins. Honey acts as an antibacterial agent against infections and stimulates the intestines to produce more mucus that aids in the elimination of toxins.

This drink also helps increase the body’s resistance, especially against colds and flu in the cold season. Drinking 1 cup of warm lemon water with honey in the morning, before meals, will help the body be healthier.

* Ginger juice .

Ginger is considered a valuable medicinal herb to help strengthen the immune system of the child’s body. According to Oriental medicine, ginger is also known as Sinh Khuong – a medicinal herb that can be used to warm the body. It will not be exaggerated to recognize ginger as a “food” to help strengthen the immune system, physical strength and vitality. Because ginger has a strong spicy taste, so much

* Sugar water.

Black sugar not only contains many vitamins and minerals, but the sweetness in it also helps to increase vitality and warm the body.

* Tapioca juice.

As a vine, average, cassava has a good warming effect on the body. A part of the kudzu root is the root (also known as the sand root) which is considered a valuable medicinal herb used in Eastern medicine.

* Squash juice .

Winter squash is cool, squash juice helps cool down in the summer very well, and has the effect of preventing sunburn, heat, boils, etc. In addition, squash pressed into water has a very low sodium content, so it’s good for people. have atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, nephritis, edema, diabetes. Not only that, this is also a drink with effective weight loss and fat loss effects;

* Raspberry juice .

Raspberries have the ability to brighten eyes, treat diarrhea, diabetes, prevent the development of diseases related to teeth and gums and keep the body healthy;

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