Drinking a lot of indigestion?

Âu Thiên Tử
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     Drinking culture is increasingly popular in communication and working environment. The drinking table is a place to talk business, build relationships, it seems that everything becomes easier when it is resolved here.

However, the “crossing” also has the potential to cause symptoms of indigestion and digestive disorders for the body.

When drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, the stomach is stimulated by alcohol, causing bloating and indigestion. The most obvious sign is feeling hot in the upper abdomen after drinking, which in the long run can cause stomach damage. And yet, regular use of alcohol will change the intestinal microflora, imbalance the digestive system.

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The amount of beneficial bacteria decreases, harmful bacteria increase, causing digestive disorders such as abdominal pain, diarrhea … After each drinking session like that, if not promptly filled in the gap left by alcohol, the risk will increase. risk of serious diseases such as gastritis, colitis, etc.

Enzymax Duo Biotics is a dual solution to the digestive problems of alcohol drinkers. With 1 tablet before a meal, Enzymax Duo Biotics is both easy to digest and re-establishes the balance of intestinal microflora, preventing digestive complications later.

* Enzymax Duo Biotics contains 2 dual acting ingredients:

– Digestive enzymes: Support food digestion, prevent bloating, indigestion.

– Probiotics: Supplement beneficial bacteria for a healthy gut Most of the digestive support products on the market contain only 1 of the 2 ingredients above, so they do not completely solve digestive problems.

Enzymax Duo Biotics is superior in containing both enzymes, acting simultaneously in the stomach and intestines. With a high content and variety of digestive enzymes, Enzymax Duo Biotics is the optimal choice for “drinkers”.

Drinking is also fun, but fun is temporary, health is forever. Limit drinking to prevent digestive diseases, and if you “have too much fun”, remember to bring 1 capsule of Enzymax Duo Biotics to use right away!

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