Daily habits can lead to diabetes.


      According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diabetes is one of the top 10 causes of death in the US, and if you don’t think you’re at risk, consider these habits. your daily.

Do you start each lunch break with a soft drink in hand? How many hours in a day were you in the chair?

Here are the daily habits that put you at risk of diabetes, according to doctors.

1. Do not drink high-fructose beverages.

Deena Adimoolam, a Yale-trained endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes, medicinal foods and metabolic health, says: “Consume foods and beverages (especially soft drinks) ) with high-fructose corn syrup being the #1 bad habit.”

2. Beware of “additional sugars”.

Added sugars can be hidden in everything from pasta sauces to many popular brands of bread. Even “healthy” juices can have added sugar; even many unsweetened fruit juices have… sugar. Dr Nissola said: “It is important for the general population to understand that fruit juices are not innocuous. Often, juices in places to eat are canned, high in sugar, and packed with preservatives.”

“Stay away from added sugars,” says Dr. Nissola. And eat your fruit, don’t drink fruit juice.

3. Be careful when you lack activity.

4. Eliminate stress.

“Stress has many effects on our bodies,” says Dr. Adimoolam. Chronic stress over many months can lead to insulin resistance leading to higher blood sugar levels which can lead to type 2 diabetes.”

Note: “Focus on reducing stress through meditation or exercise or music or doing an activity you love!” says Dr. Adimoolam.

5. Some factors are beyond your control.

Genes, genetic mutations, medications, and other factors can all play a role in developing diabetes.

Meanwhile, type 2 diabetes – the most common form of diabetes – is caused by a number of factors, including lifestyle factors and genes.

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