Cool liver thanks to amaranth.

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     Amaranth is a very familiar food in the summer. Not only a dish, amaranth also has a cooling effect on the liver, clearing heat.


Amaranth is a very familiar food in the summer. Not only a dish, amaranth also has a cooling effect on the liver, clearing heat. Amaranth includes many species: amaranth rice and purple amaranth. Parts used medicinally are the whole plant and roots.

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Amaranth twigs and leaves contain protid, glucid, vitamin C, carotene, vitamins of group B. Purple amaranth leaves and branches contain protid, glucid, minerals, calcium, vitamin C, carotene, vitamins of group B. more vitamins, especially vitamin C. Stems and leaves contain sterols and palmatic acid. Seeds contain starch and unsaturated fatty acids, sterols. Amaranth rice is sweet and has a sweet taste. Purple amaranth sweet, cool, into the colon. Main functions: clear heat, cool the liver, use gas and declare complaints. Used for cases of dysentery, constipation, urinary disorders, red eyes, sore throat, insect bites. Daily use 100-250g by cooking, stir-frying, squeezing.

* Some ways to use amaranth to cure diseases.

– Cure rash: 10g amaranth, 10g brown root or leaf, 8g yellow flower stalk, 8g cassava root, 8g betel nut grass, 8g afternoon vine, 8g centella asiatica, 8g perilla cord, 6g marjoram, ground licorice 6g, 4g mint, 2 slices raw ginger. Color drink. Cure fever in the early stages.

– Postpartum treatment: 50g purple amaranth leaves, washed, sliced, cooked to remove the residue, add sticky rice to cook into porridge. Eat during the day.

– Cure eye pain: amaranth seeds, vermicelli seeds, equal dosage (10g). Color of drinking water. Cure painful eyes with dream membranes. Cure bleeding due to miscarriage: purple amaranth root and pumpkin root in equal doses, decoction. Cure urinary incontinence: amaranth seeds (20g) excellent drink.

– Purple amaranth porridge: 200g purple amaranth. Wash and cook with water; Use vegetable juice to cook porridge with brown rice. Eat when hungry. This dish is good for women before and after giving birth with dysentery syndrome; In the elderly, enteritis, dysentery.
Amaranth soup: 200g purple amaranth. Wash and cook soup. Used for patients with cervical cancer, dysentery syndrome, benign thyroid tumors.

– Amaranth pork soup: 60g purple amaranth, 60g lean pork, cooked in soup form. Suitable for patients with benign goiter.

– Vegetable soup: 100g amaranth, 50g cilantro, 50g coriander leaves or jute vegetables; cooked with soup powder, shrimp powder or crab juice. This dish cools the liver, clears heat, and stimulates digestion.

A number of recent studies show that amaranth has the ability to increase the elimination of radioactive substances and toxin clearance because they are rich in sterols, unsaturated fatty acids.

– Taboo: Pregnant women and people with diarrhea and diarrhea should use it sparingly.

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