Causes of eye bags.

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      Dark circles under the eyes are everyone’s concern, how to treat dark circles is simple, easy to do and significantly reduces dark circles. Follow the following article right now.

Find out the cause of dark circles under eyes

* What is dark circles under the eyes?

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Dark circles are a condition in which the skin under the eyelids is darker than the rest of the skin (or dark brown). This is a condition encountered in all subjects and all ages because the skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive, so this skin area is very vulnerable if not taken care of carefully.

Dark circles under the eyes are not a dangerous disease and do not directly affect health, but dark circles under the eyes are the cause of making you look old, tired, and lifeless. In some special cases, dark circles under the eyes are a sign for you to recognize another disease.

* Causes of dark circles under the eyes.

There are many causes of dark circles under the eyes, some of the most common ones being:

* Staying up late and lack of sleep:

Often staying up late studying or working, not sleeping enough for a long time is the most common cause of dark circles in the eyes, due to the restricted blood circulation, the skin will not be provided with enough nutrients. nutrients and oxygen, thereby forming dark circles and wrinkles.

* Genetic factors:

Some people have dark circles under their eyes from a young age due to inherited characteristics from parents, thin skin under the eyes, many small blood vessels or too much melanin distribution.

* Environmental factors:

Going to the sun a lot, often exposed to direct sunlight and not using eye protection measures. Under the impact of ultraviolet rays, the skin under the eyes is dark circles..

* Improper diet:

Not drinking enough water and when the body is not provided with enough water causes blood vessels in the skin under the eyes to swell, forming puffiness and dark circles. In addition, inadequate and unscientific nutrition, smoking habits or the use of stimulants are among the causes affecting health and causing dark circles under the eyes.

* Old:

The older you get, the more obvious dark circles under the eyes appear due to a lack of collagen, which makes the skin less elastic and vulnerable.

* Pathological:

Prolonged dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of many diseases such as allergic rhinitis, kidney disease, hormonal disorders, menstrual irregularities, liver disease, anemia, etc.

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