Causes and methods to improve presbyopia.

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       Presbyopia is a condition that causes vision loss in people 40 years of age and older. What is the cause of presbyopia? How do you overcome? Check out the article!

Presbyopia is a common disease in the elderly. As a person ages, the risk of pain increases. Aging causes a lot of difficulty with vision in daily activities. Let’s find out more about the causes, symptoms and methods of improving presbyopia through this article!

* What is the cause of presbyopia?

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Presbyopia, also known as presbyopia, is a common eye condition, especially for people aged 40 and older. When experiencing presbyopia, patients will gradually lose the ability to focus at close distances, vision loss over time.

Presbyopia is caused by thickening of the lens. It is this that makes the lens less flexible, less elastic with age and causes difficulties for the functioning of vision.

When suffering from presbyopia, the patient will find it difficult to observe nearby objects, especially in low light conditions. However, when presbyopia, the eye’s activity time will be shortened, the patient often has to stop due to face fatigue, dizziness or feeling headache, watery eyes.

* Methods to improve presbyopia.

Depending on the long-term condition of each person, the examination and treatment will be flexible to suit. Some methods to improve presbyopia are:

* Wear glasses .

Currently, on the market, there are many types of glasses used for people with presbyopia such as: contact lenses, contact lenses, full lenses, bifocal lenses, multifocal lenses, … Each type of glasses will have a The advantages and disadvantages vary, depending on the needs and economic conditions of the patient and the choice of glasses will change accordingly. Such as:

– Monofocal lenses: This type of glasses is designed to increase the ability to see near objects clearly for people with presbyopia, cheap and affordable. However, when you want to see objects at a distance, the patient must remove the glasses.

– Multifocal lenses: Multifocal lenses will allow patients to see clearly objects at a distance, near and far easily, ensuring vision and aesthetics. However, the selling price of these multifocal lenses in the market is relatively high.

* Surgical treatment of presbyopia.

There are two methods, but the most common presbyopia women today include: Intraocular lens surgery, corneal reshaping by NearVision CK.

– Intraocular lens surgery: For this method, multifocal intraocular lenses will be placed in the patient’s eye by doctors, helping them see more clearly objects at all distances.

Near Vision CK surgery: This is a popular method and is chosen by many people when treating presbyopia. After keratoplasty and monovision correction, one eye of the patient will be used for near vision and the other eye for distant vision.

* Measures to prevent presbyopia.

To prevent and minimize the occurrence of presbyopia, you should note:

Maintain a suitable diet and rest: Adequate supply of nutrients plays an extremely important role in the prevention of presbyopia. Supplement your body with foods rich in vitamins A, B, E and omega 3 fatty acids to enhance eye functions and protect eyes from bacteria, fungi and harmful agents.

Protect eyes from ultraviolet rays and blue light: According to many studies, ultraviolet rays from the sun and blue light contained in technological devices such as phones, laptops, televisions are very harmful to eyes. Therefore, you can protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses or using a sun hat when going out and limiting the use of mobile devices in low light conditions.

Timely examination and treatment: Presbyopia is a disease that needs to be detected and treated promptly. If this condition persists, it will lead to many complications that cause vision loss and even blindness. Therefore, immediately after detecting the symptoms of presbyopia, patients should immediately go to medical facilities, specialized in ophthalmology for specialized doctors to diagnose and treat.

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