Can I Sell Undocumented Cars in Texas?

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Can I Sell Undocumented Cars in Texas?

Whether the vehicle’s title is lost or damaged, or if you never obtained the vehicle’s sovereign license in the first place when it was sold or given to you, you may find yourself needing to sell a car without a sovereign license. Although in the state of Texas it is illegal to sell cars without a sovereign license, you can first get the necessary documents and proceed to sell.

Can I Sell Undocumented Cars in Texas?
Can I Sell Undocumented Cars in Texas?

Car sales in Texas

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website provides guidance on legal requirements for the purchase and sale of vehicles in Texas. The sale requires the owner’s own document, changing the name to the buyer within 30 days from the date of sale of the car. Liability for parking tickets, toll violations, and similar fines or misdemeanors rest with the owner of the vehicle, so you should make sure ownership is immediately transferred to the buyer. A seller may even be held liable for the crimes committed using the sold vehicle if ownership remains in their name.

To make a legal private car sale in Texas, provide the buyer with a valid signed certificate of ownership and a signed Form 130-U. This is a Texas Title and/or Registration Application, and it must clearly show the selling price of the vehicle. The form also requires you to record the number of meter readings, whether it is actual, exempted or exceeded the mechanical limit.
The distance meter and the date of sale must also be stated on the signed title. The Texas DMV specifically recommends that buyers and sellers come together to the county tax office to ensure that vehicle owner-level applications are filed properly.

Selling a car without a license.

You may need to sell a car that you own but you don’t have a copy of the title. All legal car sales in Texas must have a sovereign document, but you can get a copy of your ID or id.
If you previously owned ownership of the car in Texas or the vehicle was registered with your name in Texas, you can receive a certified copy of ownership from the Texas DMV.
This can be done by post or in person, although appointments are highly recommended if you apply in person. In both cases, you must submit an Application for a Notarized Copy of Ownership (Form VTR-34) and the fee payment varies depending on the application method. All recorded vehicle owners must sign the form and provide a copy of their photo ID.

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Prove that the car is yours.

You’ll need to follow the steps outlined on texas’ DMV page for people who have purchased vehicles without a title. While your purpose may be to sell a car that you own, you must first prove to the state of Texas that the car is yours for sale.
By following the steps on that page, you can buy a bond guarantee and apply for bonded ownership. This means that the insurance company has carried out a number of investigations and is reasonably certain that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle. This type of title is enough to meet the legal requirements to sell a car in Texas.

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