Beef is great with this.

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      Below is a list of “big taboo” foods cooked with beef to avoid affecting health.

* Seafood should not be cooked with beef.

Beef should not be cooked together because it can cause reactions between nutrients. In beef, there is phosphorus, which is essential for bone regeneration. Seafood is rich in calcium and magnesium. Combining the two will precipitate a salt that interferes with phosphorus absorption and also slows down calcium absorption.

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* Great soy sauce with beef.

Both beef and soybeans are high in uric acid. This substance is the cause of gout. So in eating, it is absolutely necessary to avoid eating these two foods at the same time because it can cause joint pain.

* Do not share black beans.

Beef is rich in iron, good for blood. But black beans have coarse fiber, which will prevent your body from absorbing the amount of iron in beef. Therefore, experts recommend that you only eat these two foods at least 4 hours apart.

* Do not eat with eel.

Eating beef with eel will feel difficult to digest, full of stomach. Long-term use can make the body toxic.

* Do not cook with pork.

It is not possible to combine these two types of meat when cooking together because beef has a temper, stimulates metabolism, and is suitable for people with weak muscles and impaired metabolism. Pork is soldering, suitable for people with hot body, high metabolism, constipation, boils.

* Avoid cooking beef with alcohol.

Wine is a hot spicy substance, beef has a tonic effect. Do not cook together because it easily leads to constipation, inflammation of the corners of the mouth, red eyes, ringing in the ears.

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