Be wary of the appearance of diabetes.

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     Good sleep is an important guarantee for physical health, people who do not sleep well experience not only physical problems but also mental state. In fact, many diseases have an early manifestation of abnormal sleep.

In general, if you have these unusual symptoms while sleeping, don’t take it lightly. Most of them are warning you: Diabetes is approaching.

Diabetes is a common disease with a high incidence, if the following 3 signs appear at night, you must be alert to whether it is caused by diabetes or not.

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1. Symptoms of dry mouth and thirst at night.

If you often experience dry mouth and thirst while sleeping, you need to be very careful, this is most likely an early sign of diabetes. Under normal circumstances, after a person enters a sleep state, the body is still, the amount of water consumed is relatively small, and it is easy to feel not thirsty. However, if you’ve been feeling thirsty lately and have to get up to drink water to quench your thirst, this could be a sign that your blood sugar has exceeded the norm and that your body is abnormal.

2. Increased night urination.

If in life there is a spike in the number of night urinations, plus drinking too much water, it is most likely a manifestation of increased blood sugar. High blood sugar will affect the normal functioning and metabolism of various organs in the body, and will increase the production and excretion of urine, leading to an increased number of night urination. . At this time, you should go to the hospital to monitor your blood sugar in time to stabilize your blood sugar, avoid the risk of diabetes, and help your body stay healthy.

3. Hungry at night.

Some people have eaten before going to bed, not physically active, but still feel hungry at night, even after waking up hungry, they will be accompanied by weakness, nervousness and other symptoms. That is because the body has glucose metabolism disorders, pancreatic islet function is impaired, when it cannot metabolize sugar in the blood, the body is not supplied with enough energy, it can only provide energy by How to burn fat and sugar. At this time, we must be wary of diabetes!

If you have the above 3 symptoms, you should go to the hospital for examination in time for early detection and early treatment.

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