Anti-cancer potential of asparagus.

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       Asparagus is rich in a group of flavonoid compounds that scientists are studying for several potential protective functions, especially with cancer.

The messages circulating online about asparagus prevent and cure cancer are the unfortunate result of misinterpretation and overexpansion of laboratory research results. However, this non-starchy vegetable is a great food to enjoy as part of a diet to help reduce cancer risk.

After a systematic review of the global scientific literature, AICR/WCRF analyzed how vegetables and their nutrients affect the risk of developing cancer.

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“Convincing” or “probable” evidence means that there is a strong study that shows a cause-and-effect relationship with cancer – reducing or increasing risk. Research must include quality human studies that meet specific criteria and biological explanations for the findings.

A compelling or probable statement strong enough to justify recommendations.

There may be evidence that the combination of non-starchy fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of cancers of the overall digestive system (such as mouth, pharynx and larynx; esophagus; lung; stomach cancer). thick and colorectal).

The evidence is “limited suggestive” which means that the results are often consistent in the overall conclusions, but are rarely strong enough to justify recommendations to reduce cancer risk.

Limited evidence suggests that non-starchy vegetables may reduce the risk of estrogen receptor-negative (ER-) breast cancer.

Limited evidence suggests that non-starchy vegetables and fruits combined may reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

You can lightly cook asparagus in a steamer, grill, or sauté to best preserve many of the water-soluble nutrients and phytocompounds. It can also be enjoyed raw. Asparagus pairs well with other foods, so try adding it to salads, stir-fries, pastas, omelets, and other dishes.

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