Amazing health benefits of almonds.

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        Almonds are loved by many people not only for their taste but also for the benefits they bring to health as well as appearance.

Since ancient times, almonds have been among the most loved nuts. According to Ayurvedic Ayurveda, almonds help improve intellectual ability and increase longevity.

Today, the nutritional benefits of almonds are praised all over the world, and they are used in a variety of ways: eaten raw as a healthy snack, as the base ingredient in almond butter, almond milk almond paste or filling…

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Here are some health benefits of almonds for you to refer to and add to the list of nuts to use every day to promote health.

* Support diabetes treatment.

Many studies show that patients with type 2 diabetes feel their physical condition is improved by eating almonds daily. Almonds not only help unclog the arteries by reducing bad cholesterol in the blood, but also contribute to lower blood sugar levels thanks to the good minerals they contain.

* Very good for the unborn baby.

According to many scientific studies, almonds can improve brain activity. A study conducted by Spanish scientists on 2,208 pregnant women, when eating 74 grams of almonds per week will make the baby smarter. The babies are continued to be observed when they are 1.5 age to 8 years old.

Children whose mothers ate almonds during pregnancy scored higher on IQ tests. According to Ayurvedic medicine, both raw and roasted almonds contain the same nutrients and therefore, they both have many benefits. for health.

* Almonds help maintain healthy teeth and bones.

Almonds are a good source of trace minerals, including magnesium and phosphorus, which are important nutrients for building and maintaining teeth and bones. Almond nutritional benefits include its ability to help prevent tooth decay, fight tooth decay, reduce the risk of fractures, and fight osteoporosis.

* Brain development .

The effect of almonds in brain development is due to the composition of phenylalanine, which is one of the important substances in the development of cognitive function of the brain, and at the same time helps to keep the mind bright and relieve stress. straight tired.

Children or people who often work stressfully, it is best to eat a handful of almonds every day.

* Almonds increase digestive health.

In addition to healthy fats and alkaline-forming molecules, almonds (especially their skin) contain probiotic ingredients that help with digestion, detoxification and the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut microbiome. .

* Using almonds is very good for the heart.

Almonds contain simple fat, protein and potassium, which are very good support for the ability of the heart to function. In particular, vitamin E in almonds acts as an antioxidant to reduce the risk of heart disease.

In addition, almonds are also a good source of folic acid and magnesium, so they help lower homocysteine levels, the same indicator of plaque buildup in the blood vessels.

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